Donate to our Mask Fund

At this time, Vengeance Bikinis is using our equipment and skills to sew, donate, and mail more than 5,000 washable, surgical style face masks with a pocket for a filter to health care providers, first responders, and individuals who have requested them in need. It is a critical time for our medical professionals on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, as these heroes are facing a shortage of personal protection equipment, including face masks. Reports have surfaced of individuals stealing masks from healthcare professionals as well as hoarding these essential personal protection equipment.

In addition to this, health officials are urging us to practice social distancing and to act as if we may be a carrier of the virus - warning us that 4 out of 5 cases of coronavirus are transmitted by someone who did not know they had the virus.

We are currently fulfilling requests for more than 5,000 masks which we are donating to hundreds of first responders and individuals who have asked for them. Your donation will help to purchase supplies for us to make these face masks as well as for postage.

At more than 5,000 requests for masks, we are currently at capacity for how many masks we can make, and are asking for donations as we have been funding the costs for more than half of these with our own finances and around-the-clock manpower.

The masks are homemade surgical-style masks made of 100% cotton with a pocket for the wearer to insert their own filter. We do not provide a filter to put inside of these masks. We make no claim that these masks alone will protect the wearer against disease.